"One does a whole painting for one peach and people think just the opposite - that particular peach is but a detail."  - Pablo Picasso

For many farmers in the EU and especially in Greece, the peach is not just a detail, is all their life! Every moment of trees' life and of their fruits, is part of their own; the same goes for the peach compote that reaches every corner of the world, bringing along the story of the tree, of the fruit and of the producer.

In Greece, the cultivation of peach is one of the largest and most developed crops, with unique connection to local communities and economies. For this reason, the country is the third largest producer in the European Union and the fifth in the world!

And there is no other ​​region in Greece, where the peach crop is so intertwined with the land and people, as in Central Macedonia - Imathia and Pella. From these two sites, comes almost the 90% of the national production - for consumption or processing, while in Imathia the peach crop covers 43% of the total arable land!

We welcome you to the world of the fresh peach compote and we hope that you enjoy the trip from the tree to your plate!