The peach cultivation is closely linked to the processing industry, complementing and developing each other, combining tradition with progress, the empirical knowledge of the producer with the results of modern technology, dividing in two, like the peach, their lust and their passion.

Practices such as integrated management, quality control, food safety, laboratory testing and chemical analyses are elements that the industry has adopted in order to improve the final product as well to protect the production of the raw material, supplying farmers with valuable modern tools. The peach processing industry in Greece is now the most important in the European Union exporting 98% of it production and representing almost 30% of the global exports value!

It is significant, that while at the cultivation of peaches for processing, are employed more than 12,000 rural families another 10,000 people - full time and seasonal personnel - is employed in the manufacturing sector in annual base. It is not surprising therefore that the majority and the largerst among the processing industries are located in Imathia and Pella; many of them are cooperatives or founded by growers.

During the summer these areas are not typically Greek. Thousands of people eagerly awaiting the moment production starts . At the industries the mood is orgasmic: hundreds of producers deliver their fruit to sorting units immediately after the harvest, in order for the processed product to be closing in, all the precious elements of the fresh fruit.

Hundreds of hands to processing plants, inspect, weight and supply production lines and are packaging products: people and machines in harmony, night and day. There, peaches are divided into sizes, cleaned, cut in half, the core is removed and peeled to be forwarded for composting. With modern technology machinery fruit is cut into slices or cubes, put in boxes and with adding natural syrup, are sealed and pasteurized. Then packed and stored until they begin their journey to the world.

The main objective of all those involved in this experience is the highest quality and consumer safety. So when you open a can of peaches you should know that it is produced by people who for decades live and breathe along with thousands of their growing trees, with the same care and attention.