The peach tree has needs: light soil drained and ventilated well. Intense sunlight and heat so as to give fruit. It also needs mild winters, plenty of water and low humidity especially during the summer.

The microclimate of Imathia and Pella, the birthland of Alexander the Great, is ideal for the tree, as it is continental Mediterranean, with intensely hot and dry summers. The mountains to the west supply the numerous rivers flowing in the area, offering plenty of water, especially during summer, ideal rainfall in winter and they protect trees from the sharp and strong winds.

A peach tree, in its full maturity after the third year, is almost 4.5 meters tall, giving about 40 kg of fruit but demands care throughout the year: watering, thinning, fertilizing, pruning, maintenance , protection from diseases and insects, each of these requires daily attention and a close relationship of the grower with its trees.

The harvested fruit is perhaps the most important agricultural summer job from May to September, depending on the variety, and also the degree of fruit maturity. So two and three harvests are needed, as the fruit is considered ready when it has the size and color that commands itd variety and the intense freshness and rich aroma. The harvest is done exclusively by hand because it requires great care not to hurt both the tree and the fruit. Is the harvest therefore when the producers struggle for the result of his labor is culminated.